Gynecomastia in Philadelphia, PA

Breast Reduction for Men

Male Breast Reduction Before Surgery

Male breast reduction surgery is generally performed to address the condition called gynecomastia, which means “womanly breasts.” This condition occurs in a significant number of adult males, and the cause in most cases is unknown. If the cause is from a diagnosed hormonal imbalance, steroid use, or other known factor then a non-surgical treatment may be preferred.

Many men have gynecomastia caused by excess glandular tissue or fat (or both). In severe cases, gynecomastia can result in physical discomfort, embarrassment, and self-consciousness. Reducing the size of the breasts to make them flatter and firmer can give patients greater physical and psychological comfort.

The Male Breast Reduction Process

Male breast reduction involves removing fatty tissue–and sometimes glandular tissue and skin–from the pectoral area. Depending on the composition of the tissue to be removed, various procedures may be implemented.
Male Breast Reduction After Surgery
To remove excess tissue that is primarily fatty in nature, a surgeon may be able to treat gynecomastia solely with the use of liposuction. If there is a considerable amount of glandular tissue to remove, the surgeon will create incisions and cut the excess skin and tissue away with a scalpel. On some occasions, liposuction and excision are used together. If there is excess skin left after the underlying tissue is removed, which would cause folds or wrinkles, that skin is cut away, and remaining skin sutured to create a tauter appearance.

Recovering from Breast Reduction Surgery

Regardless of what surgical procedure a patient undergoes, he will experience some discomfort and swelling after the operation. Your doctor should give you explicit instructions, but in general a full recovery to unrestricted activity levels will take around a month. As with any surgery, risks include reactions to anesthesia, excessive bleeding, and infections.

Following surgery for gynecomastia, the patient has a more masculine chest contour. Once the healing process is complete, patients should enjoy a permanent improvement in their appearance if they follow a normal, healthy lifestyle. Most male breast reduction patients report greater self-confidence and improved mental well-being after the procedure.