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The 8 Biggest Liposuction Myths Busted

Liposuction has been one of the most popular procedures since it first burst onto the scene in 1982 with a presentation by French surgeon Dr. Yves-Gerard Illouz. Since then, much has changed in the world of liposuction techniques and technologies. However, many critics still cling to the same myths about this life-changing procedure. To clear […]

How Safe Is Liposuction, Really?

Liposuction has been a popular procedure for men and women since its first introduction decades ago. Yet, despite this popularity, the safety of liposuction has often been called into question. Although the risks associated with liposuction are minimal, critics of the procedure still believe it to be highly painful and even dangerous. Liposuction is not […]

Add-On Procedures to Enhance Your Facelift Results

The rejuvenation process would take forever if each surgery a patient wanted had to be performed separately. Imagine recovering from your facelift, just in time to have your forehead lift and start recovering all over again. The process would take months, maybe a year depending on how much work was desired. Fortunately, for patients and […]

Are Your Breasts Ready for Bathing Suit Season?

While you’re spring cleaning and dreaming of those warm summer days at the beach, do you wince at the idea of wearing a bathing suit? For many women, their breasts play a huge role in how confident they are in nearly any scenario, especially if they’re wearing a swimsuit poolside. Breast enhancement surgeries can help […]

Facelifts Aren’t Permanent: Tips for Maintaining Your Results

From the first consultation for a facelift surgery, you’ll learn that the results of your procedure will not be permanent. A facelift surgery is designed to correct existing damage and aging from the face, but it can’t stop the aging process from continuing once your stitches come out. Gravity, exposure to environmental toxins, and the […]

How to Prepare for Your Breast Augmentation Surgery

So you’ve decided to get breast augmentation surgery and your procedure date is getting closer. You’ve no doubt consulted with your plastic surgeon and made the arrangements for your recovery time by now. Are you completely ready for your procedure? Even if you aren’t, don’t panic. Use this valuable time before you make this big […]

Am I Too Young for a Facelift?

The facelift procedure is as also known as rhytidectomy. It is a procedure that is designed to make the face appear to be younger and smoother by redraping the skin on the face and removing excess skin. Often times, the sub-muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS), which is a layer of underlying tissue, is elevated as well. […]

Breast Reduction: Sometimes bigger Isn’t better

Breast reduction is a surgical procedure designed to reduce the size of the breasts. While most often performed on women, the surgery is also performed on men to improve the appearance of enlarged male breasts, a common condition known as gynecomastia. Most of the women that are good candidates for the surgery tend to have […]