Project Description

Procedure: Rhinoplasty

Location: Bryn Mawr, PA

Details: 15 Year Old Concerned Related To Nasal Aesthetics Mostly In The Form Of Lack Of Tip Definitive And A Hanging Nasal Tip. An Open Rhinoplasty Was Performed For Correction Of Nasal Aesthetics As Well As Airway Improvement. Nasal Airway Obstruction Was Addressed With A Combination Of Inferior Turbinate Resection, Bilaterally As Well As Submucous Resection Of The Septum. Cartilaginous Septum Was Then Used For Spreader Grafting To Increase The Air Flow At The Junction Of The Middle And Lower Thirds Of The Nose. An Open Rhinoplasty Allowed For Lowering Of The Dorsum, Infracturing Of The Nasal Bones And Extensive Tip Surgery To Shorten The Caudal Septum, Elevate The Tip And Define The Tip With Intradomal And Interdomal Suture Technique. This Resulted Not Only In Improved Aesthetics But Better Airflow.