Acne Peels
in Philadelphia, PA

Our Medical Aesthetician at Lohner Skin Care sees patients from Bryn Mawr, Main Line, Rosemont, Philadelphia, and other cities throughout Pennsylvania for acne peels.

What is an Acne Peel?

The lightest of the chemical peels, an acne peel is an exfoliating procedure which targets the bacteria that cause acne breakouts, while ridding the skin of dead cells that are responsible for clogging pores. In some cases, acne peels are also performed to soften wrinkles, even skin texture and fade skin discoloration. Acne peels can often be performed quickly, with dramatic results on patients suffering from mild to severe cases of acne.

How is an Acne Peel Performed?

First, the area being treated is cleaned thoroughly and then dried. To exfoliate the skin, an alpha or beta hydroxy acid is then applied, which will cause a warming sensation. Following treatment, the exfoliant is removed, and the skin, again, dried thoroughly.

When Will Results Be Noticed?

Skin will have a red, sunburn-like appearance following an acne peel, which can last anywhere from a few hours to five days following treatment depending on the strength of the exfoliant used. After the redness dissipates, you will notice skin looking and feeling refreshed.

What Are the Side Effects of an Acne Peel?

The redness mentioned above is most common side effect to having an Acne Peel performed, though some patients have acknowledged some burning during treatment. Serious irritation is rare; consult with Dr. Lohner should you experience any prolonged discomfort.

How Long Will the Results of an Acne Peel Last?

Skin will begin to feel refreshed after an initial treatment, but the best results are achieved by having a series of acne peels performed. Sessions usually take place every one to two weeks.