Body Contouring in Philadelphia

Body Contouring in Philadelphia, PAThe different body contouring procedures help people reshape, reduce, or enhance body features that sometimes cannot be improved by other measures. Dr. Ronald A. Lohner, MD, FACS performs the following body contouring procedures for residents of Philadelphia and Bryn Mawr, PA:

Thigh Lift

The thigh lift removes excess fat and skin from a patient’s thigh for a firmer and smoother contour. Thigh lifts are commonly included in a lower body lift or total body lift, particularly when a patient has experienced significant weight loss. There are many options concerning types of thigh lifts. Inner thigh lift, vertical thighplasty, or an outer thigh lift may be recommended, depending on the location and degree of the problem.

Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck, also called abdominoplasty, tightens the skin and tissue in the abdomen when sagging is of concern. Sagging is generally a result of age, considerable weight loss, or pregnancy. These and other factors can decrease the elasticity of the skin and also weaken the abdominal muscles, making it difficult for them to return to their former tension. A tummy tuck will tighten the muscles and remove excess skin and fat. Liposuction may be performed in conjunction with the procedure.

Arm Lift

Unattractive loose skin on the back of the arms can occur as a side effect of age. Brachioplasty, otherwise known as an arm lift, can be performed to remove the excess skin and fatty tissue from the upper arms. The arms are reshaped to appear more toned. If there is a sizeable amount fat present, liposuction may be combined with the arm lift for the best results.


VASER®Lipo is a minimally invasive alternative to traditional liposuction. The newer technology uses ultrasonic waves to break up fat cells for a safer technique that causes fewer traumas to surrounding tissue. As a result, recovery is faster. VASER®Lipo can be used on the knees, legs, arms, breasts, back, abdomen, buttocks, chin and face for successful fat reduction.


Liposuction is a popular surgical procedure among patients looking to remove fat deposits from various areas of the body. It is a solution for those that find frustration in other natural methods, such as diet and exercise, which do not fully address the stubborn fat accumulations. The abdomen, hips, thighs, flanks, knees, arms, chin and breast can all be treated through liposuction. During the procedure a hollow tube is used to dislodge fat cells and suction them out through a small incision. Liposuction is often performed alongside many other body contouring procedures.

Mommy Makeover

Pregnancy and the stresses and joys of motherhood can alter a woman’s appearance. Unfortunately, many times it is not for the better. A mommy makeover can help to restore the appearance of a woman to help her feel good about herself, giving her a renewed energy. Dr. Lohner offers a comprehensive list of surgical and non surgical treatments, including: breast augmentation, breast lift, Brazilian butt lift, tummy tuck, liposuction, facelift, and various wrinkle treatments.