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CareCredit® for Cosmetic Procedures

It’s something you’ve always wanted to do, but something else was always there to hold you back. Well, not anymore. We offer CareCredit®, a card designed specifically for your health and beauty needs. Patients are able to take advantage of many benefits that other forms of payment do not offer. CareCredit® can help you move forward with getting the procedure you’ve always wanted. With convenient monthly payment options, no up-front costs and no prepayment penalties, you can get your procedure sooner. Six to 24 month plans are available. Longer terms plans are also offered, up to 60 months.

The Credit Card Exclusively for Your Health and Beauty Needs

CareCredit® is the credit card exclusively for healthcare services. With low monthly payments every time you use it, you can use your card over and over for follow-up appointments or different procedures. This means you don’t have to put your health and beauty needs on hold until you save up enough money. We give you the power to decide when it’s the right time for you. Use it on a wide range of procedures, from liposuction to chemical peels.

Beautiful Woman
Beautiful Woman

With CareCredit®, you can:

  • Enjoy low minimum monthly payments always
  • Benefit from no-interest financing, if paid in full by a certain date
  • Pay no up-front costs or pre-payment penalties
  • Pay no annual fee
  • Apply with a co-signer to increase your chances of approval
  • Use the card over and over for multiple procedures

Applying for CareCredit is a fast and easy process. You will find out right away if you have been approved. There is no waiting or guessing involved. Use one of the following options to get started:

  • Call (800) 677-0718. Agents are available Monday through Friday, 9:00 am-9:00pm(EST).
  • Call anytime for the automated CareCredit system.
  • Pay no up-front costs or pre-payment penalties
  • Use the CareCredit online credit application.

Take advantage of special financing from CareCredit – 0% interest for 6 or 12 months. Learn more about CareCredit by contacting our office at (610) 519-0600.

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PatientFi - No Impact on Credit Score

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