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Arm Lift

Sometimes referred to as ‘bingo wings’, flabby and lax tissue can accumulate on the upper arms as women age. This will cause embarrassment, make shirtsleeves uncomfortable, and take away from an otherwise attractive appearance. Exercise and diet alone are unable to improve the shape or tone of the arm. Only a surgical intervention can restore the contour of the upper arm.

A Brachioplasty, also referred to as an Arm Lift, is a surgical procedure designed to reduce the loose, unsightly tissue of the upper arm. The excess, fatty tissue may occur naturally with age or through genetic disposition; this extra skin can often be seen in patients who have gone through a dramatic weight loss. A Brachioplasty will provide patients with a slender, tight upper arm that will look great for years to come. Brachioplasty can be performed alone, or paired with other, complementary cosmetic procedures such as Liposuction, for optimal rejuvenating results.

Who is a good candidate for Brachioplasty?

People looking to improve the appearance of their upper arm may make an excellent candidate for the Brachioplasty procedure. Both men and women, frustrated with flaccid, hanging skin of the arm can benefit from an Arm Lift procedure.

Candidates for Brachioplasty should be in overall good health. They should also understand the Arm Lift procedure and hold realistic expectations for their results. Patients need to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Lohner to determine if a Brachioplasty is the right procedure to achieve their desired results.

How you can get started with a Brachioplasty:

If a Brachioplasty sounds like the right procedure for you, take some time to research the procedure. A wealth of material is available online and at your cosmetic surgeon’s office, so take advantage of it. Once you understand the Brachioplasty procedure, contact Dr. Lohner’s office to set up a consultation appointment.

When coming into Lohner Plastic Surgery for a consultation, you will have the opportunity to meet the staff and get to know the practice. In the room, Dr. Lohner will take a brief medical history, review current medications, explain the Brachioplasty procedure, and go over the expected results. If it is determined that an Arm Lift will be the right fit for you, an individualized surgical plan will be devised.

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What can you do to prepare for an Arm Lift?

The key to a successful Brachioplasty and a smooth recovery is preparation. Before the day of surgery, the following five points should be observed:

  1. Get your questions answered.
    Dr. Lohner’s office is always available for any questions or clarification.
  2. Schedule transportation from the surgical center.
    The Brachioplasty is an outpatient procedure, and will require a ride home from the surgical center.
  3. Pick up prescribed medications.
    Have all prescriptions picked up before the day of surgery, so that any antibiotics and pain medications are ready for the recovery process.
  1. Arrange for assistance.
    After a Brachioplasty, the upper arms will be sore and weak for the first few days. A friend or family member stopping by once a day to help will be greatly appreciate.
  2. Schedule your follow-up appointments.
    Important to the recovery process is the follow-up appointments. This will be time to remove bandages and make sure the healing process is going smoothly.

Brachioplasty procedure

The Brachioplasty procedure

A Brachioplasty is performed as an outpatient procedure, taking between one and two hours to complete. Dr. Lohner will begin by making a thin incision along the inner side of the upper arm, from the elbow up to the axilla (armpit area). The extent of the incision will depend on the individual patient’s needs. Once the incision has been made, the excess fatty tissue will be excised. If Liposuction is to be included, it will be performed at this time to shape and sculpt the arm. The excess skin will be removed; then the remaining tissue will be tightened and sutured for proper healing.

Liposuction and Brachioplasty

Liposuction can be utilized during an Arm Lift procedure, to further sculpt the upper arm. Liposuction, however, is not an alternative to Brachioplasty. While it will remove the localized fatty deposits, Liposuction itself does nothing to address stretched, lax tissue on the upper arm. A Brachioplasty includes a reduction of this unwanted skin, to restore a tight, trim arm. During the consultation appointment with Dr. Lohner, it will be determined if the addition of Liposuction will benefit the Arm Lift.

Potential risks of a Brachioplasty

The Brachioplasty is considered a safe and effective procedure, resorting the youthful appearance of the arm. Since it is a surgical procedure, however, there is always a small chance for complications to occur. These can include excessive bleeding, scarring, infection, loss of sensation, and asymmetry.

The best way to avoid complications from any procedure is to use a Board Certified cosmetic surgeon, like Dr. Lohner. Trusting a well-trained, knowledgeable, experienced physician guarantees the safest and most satisfactory results possible.

Recovery from an Arm Lift

Patients should expect the recovery after an Arm Lift to take around a week. Initially, the arm be bandaged and a compression garment will be worn. Some swelling may be experienced for the first seven to fourteen days. The Brachioplasty will result in minor discomfort; Dr. Lohner will prescribe the appropriate pain medications to keep patients resting comfortably at home. Patients normally feel well enough to return to work in between three to seven days.

Arm Lift FAQ

  • Will an Arm Lift leave visible scars?

    Yes, an Arm Lift will leave a visible scar running vertically from the armpit down to the elbow. Although the scar will fade over time, it will always be visible. Patients are not normally bothered by the scar, however, as they enjoy the benefits of a contoured arm.

  • When can I return to work after a Brachioplasty?

    Patients generally feel well enough to return to work in between three and seven days, following a Brachioplasty procedure.

  • How much does a Brachioplasty cost?

    The exact cost of a Brachioplasty will depend on the extent of correction and the individual patient. At your initial consultation, Dr. Lohner will go over the procedures and the costs involved.

  • Can I finance my Arm Lift?

    Yes, Dr. Lohner offers patients the opportunity to finance their Arm Lift through CareCredit. This medical financing company requires no money upfront, no yearly fees, and has no penalty for an early payoff. Visit carecredit.com to get more information or to apply online.


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Dr. Lohner has been providing patients with expert brachioplasty results for over 20 years. He is Board Certified in Plastic Surgery, as well as General Surgery. His office is located on the Mainline, close to the Philadelphia area. Call the office at (610) 519-0600 to schedule your consultation appointment.

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