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As women age, the breasts often begin to lose firmness and shape, as the skin’s elasticity weakens. The aesthetic results of lax tissue can be seen all over the body, but it is especially apparent when occurring in the breasts. As the skin slowly stretches and loses its shape, the breasts may begin to slide downward, take on a pendulous look, nipple position is altered, and upper pole fullness is depleted (the round contour at the top of the breasts).

While women with larger chests are increasingly more prone to sagging breast tissue, various women of different ages, different chest sizes, with or without implants, can experience this problem.

Other factors that can play a role in migrating and deflated breasts include a dramatic weight loss, illness, pregnancy, or breast-feeding, just to name a few. Once these changes appear in the breasts, there is no resolution without surgical intervention.

Top Reasons for Breast Lift

  • Pregnancy
  • Breast-feeding
  • Extreme weight gain and loss
  • Aging
  • Genetics

The Ideal Candidate

Ideal candidates for this procedure are women dealing with the burden of sagging breasts. The average age of women seeking this procedure is usually around 40 years old, healthy women of any age, dealing with the loss of breast shape and altered nipple position, may benefit from this procedure. As with all cosmetic surgery, the most successful results occur for women in generally good health, a positive outlook, and realistic surgical expectations.

Getting Started:

Those women thinking this procedure may be the right for them should begin by learning all they can about the procedure. Read and research the benefits of the surgery, surgical techniques, the recovery period, as well as the background of the surgeon. Dr. Lohner has over twenty years of experience in Cosmetic Surgery and is a Board Certified in Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery.

Next, the patient should schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Lohner. At this time, Dr. Lohner will review medical history, surgical background, and the patient’s aesthetic needs and wants. At this time he will also answer any remaining questions the patient may have. He will also go into great detail about the procedure, using computer imaging to assist patients have a clear idea about his personalized plan for their surgery designed with the patient’s goals in mind.

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How to Prepare for Surgery

Mastopexy is a safe and effective procedure for restoring a youthful looking chest. At the consultation appointment, Dr. Lohner will provide specific pre-operative and post-operative instructions. To ensure a stress-free surgery and a smooth recovery, carefully read through these directions, plan ahead, and follow these tips:

  1. Ask questions
    Pay attention during your consultation appointment with Dr. Lohner. Ask questions about any research you conducted on your own time. Carefully read through your surgical instructions. If you have any other outstanding questions, do not hesitate to call the office at any time.
  2. Arrange transportation
    After surgery, you will not be able to drive yourself home. Arrange a ride home from the surgical center and to your future follow-up appointments as needed.
  3. Fill and pick up your prescriptions prior to your surgery
    Dr. Lohner will prescribe pain medication to keep you comfortable during the recovery period. Do not wait until after your procedure, when you need these medications, to deal with the long line at the pharmacy.
  4. Take time off from work or school
    Dr. Lohner will review what to expect from the surgery. Take the time for yourself to properly rest and heal.
  1. Schedule your follow-up appointments
    Dr. Lohner will let you know when you should return to the office for a checkup. These visits are vital to appropriate healing, so be available. Get them on your calendar, arrange for a ride Breast Lift in Philadelphia if needed, and take the time off work.
  2. Set up assistance
    The first day or two after your surgery, you may be sore, tired, and slow-moving. You will be happy to have a family member or close friend stop by briefly to help with chores, etc.
  3. Put emergency numbers in a central location
    While the chances of an emergency are low, be prepared to have all of your important phone numbers and insurance cards in one place. Let a family or friend know where these are located so they can better assist you in case of an emergency.

Before & Afters

Breast Augmentation Before and After Results
Breast Augmentation Before and After Results

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The Breast Lift Surgery

Dr. Lohner performs all Mastopexy procedures on an outpatient basis, using general anesthesia. Most lifts take between two and three hours to complete. To begin, Dr. Lohner will make an inverted T incision around the areola, running vertical from the nipple, and then horizontally across the breast crease.

Once this incision has been made, the excess fatty tissue and skin will be removed. The nipple and areola will be repositioned to an appropriate height. When the desired correction has been achieved, Dr. Lohner will place sutures for proper healing.

Potential risks from the surgery

Dr. Lohner is a Board Certified Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgeon, with over twenty years of plastic surgery experience. Choosing a physician with his level of skill and training, patients minimize the chance for problems after their procedure. As with all invasive procedures, there is still the rare chance for complications to occur in which a breast reconstruction might be ideal instead of a lift procedure. These include excessive bleeding, infection, scarring, poor wound healing, nerve damage or nipple numbness, and asymmetry.

Breast Lift Recovery

Patients can expect the post-operative recovery from surgery to last between seven and ten days. In the first couple of days post-surgery, it is common for patients to experience some degree of swelling and bruising.

These will take from one to three weeks to completely subside. There may be mild to moderate pain immediately after the surgery, but Dr. Lohner will prescribe appropriate mediations to keep patients resting comfortably at home. Temporary numbness is not uncommon.

For the first several weeks after a mastopexy, patients will be required to wear a support bra or support garment. Normally, patients feel well enough to return to work or school in three to five days after surgery, although, strenuous activities need to be postponed for a full six to eight weeks.


  • How much does a mastopexy cost?

    At your initial consultation, Dr. Lohner will go over the procedures and the costs involved. The exact cost will be determined at the consultation appointment.

  • Will a lift result in scarring?

    Yes, this procedure will result in a scar along the incision lines; these run around the areola, vertically below the nipple, and along the breast crease. The scars will be easily hidden under clothing or swimwear.

  • How long is the recovery period after a lift?

    Patients should expect recovery to take between seven to ten days. Normally, patients feel well enough to return to work in less than a week.

  • Am I able to finance my procedure?

    Yes, Lohner Plastic Surgery does accept medical financing through CareCredit, as well as cash and all major credit cards. Contact our office for more information.

Schedule Your Consultation

If you still have questions about the procedure, contact Lohner Plastic Surgery at (610) 519-0600. We are happy to further explain your options, and assist in scheduling a consultation appointment with Dr. Lohner. For those coming from out of town, travel arrangements to our Philadelphia area office can be provided. Lohner Plastic Surgery is conveniently located in Bryn Mawr, pennsylvania, an easy commute from Newton Square, Havertown, and Villanova.

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