Breast Enhancement in Philadelphia

Breast enhancement refers to any procedure designed to improve the size, shape, and feel of the breasts. Dr. Ronald A. Lohner, MD, FACS performs the following breast enhancement procedures for residents of Philadelphia and Bryn Mawr, PA:

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic procedure performed in the U.S. During breast augmentation surgery, implants are inserted to alter the size, shape, and/or symmetry of the breasts. Common reasons for the procedure are dissatisfaction with a person’s natural breasts, a desire to restore volume that has been lost with age or following weight loss, reconstruction after a mastectomy, or revision of a previous surgery. Implants vary in material, shape, size, and texture.

Breast Lift

Breasts may sag when firmness and volume have been lost due to age, breast feeding, or other factors. When the skin losses the elasticity necessary to keep the breasts elevated, a breast lift (mastopexy) can raise the breasts to enhance the appearance of the body. The procedure is ideal for women with smaller sagging breasts. The surgeon may recommend a full breast lift or a modified breast lift.  It can be combined with breast augmentation for added volume.

Breast Implant Removal

Breast implants may require removal or replacement at some point. Reasons for this procedure include age, trauma, complications, or a change in a patient’s preference of breast size. Implants are removed through an incision and new implants can be placed, if desired.

Breast ReconstructionBreast Enhancement Plastic Surgery

Breast reconstruction is the process of recreating a breast using the patient’s own tissue and/or prosthesis (breast implant). Usually performed on women after a mastectomy, breast reconstruction can help a patient recover and regain a positive self-image after suffering through a disease such as cancer.

Breast Reduction

Women with overly large breasts may dislike the proportion of their breasts to the rest of their body. The breasts can also cause self-consciousness, difficulty in finding clothing that fits properly, as well as physical discomfort. Back and neck pain are common side effects. To lessen the problems associated with heavy breasts, breast reduction can be performed. Liposuction is commonly used around the underarms in addition to breast reduction techniques to create the most favorable contours.


Breast reduction may be performed on men with a condition called gynecomastia. Many men have “womanly breast,” which may be a result of a number of causes. When caused by excess glandular tissue and/or fat, surgery can help to reduce physical discomfort and feelings of embarrassment. The size of the breasts is reduced by removing glandular tissue and skin from the pectoral area for a flatter, smoother chest.