Lohner Plastic Surgery Testimonials & Reviews

17:38 17 Oct 19
Liz Ladd
Liz L.
15:36 19 Jun 19
I had a wonderful experience with my breast reduction done by Dr. Lohner. Dr. Lohner and his staff were great from the first evaluation appointment to the final follow up appointment. The staff and the doctor both worked on my behalf with my insurance company, who was trying to decline the procedure. I feel they went above and beyond to help me get the surgery approved. The day of the appointment Dr. Lohner made me feel very comfortable with the procedure and the nurses and other staff at Bryn Mawr Hospital made the experience very comfortable. My results are awesome, I only wish I did this sooner!! Thank you to Dr. Lohner and his entire office staff, I highly recommend them!!!
Vivian Close
Vivian C.
04:49 27 Apr 19
When I went for my consultation back in August for a breast reduction, I was very nervous and embarrassed with my situation, but Dr. Lohner's kind and compassionate soul quickly chased away those feelings. My experience with Dr. Lohner and his team can only be described as absolute perfection. Dr. Lohner is so incredible that you will have to book a month or so before to get your initial consultation, do not question this as he is worth any wait. His team is extremely professional, kind, caring, and accommodating. I knew during my first visit that this was the surgeon I was going to choose, there was never a doubt in my mind. Fast forward to surgery day (12/12/18), I was more nervous than I ever had been. Bryn Mawr Hospital Surgicenter made it very easy and eliminated unnecessary stress. I met with Dr. Lohner, my pre-op nurses Lisa and Chris, and they eased my anxiety more than Xanax ever could. I then met with my anesthesiologist Dr. O'Brien and my CRNA and two of my OR nurses, and they really just put the icing on the cake. They all talked to me in the OR while being put to sleep and held my hand and made me feel comfortable. When I woke up in recovery, my post-op nurses Patty and Karen went above and beyond, I had a panic attack upon waking up and Dr. O'Brien stepped right into action and gave me something to relax me and make me sleep more and Patty reassured me the whole time and held my hand the whole time. Dr. Lohner and his whole team made me feel well-cared for. I come from a long line of surgeons, dentists, and nurses, so for me to pick up on this just shows the talent of Dr. Lohner and his team. I would never expect to say this, but I would repeat this whole process in a heartbeat. Dr. Lohner is in a class of his own. He has the hands of an angel and the skill of a surgical god. If that wasn't enough, he is also one of the most kind human beings I've had the pleasure of meeting. He is very smart and knows exactly what he's doing. If you've taken the time to read this entire review, don't wait any longer, go schedule your consultation with Dr. Lohner. I promise you won't regret it.On 04/15/19, Dr. Lohner did my rhinoplasty and I couldn't be more thrilled. After having issues with my sinuses and feeling completely insecure about my nose, he came up with the most beautiful plan to fix my nose, but make it subtle, graceful, and fulfill my wishes for my nose. Once I came out of surgery and was able to see my family again, the nurse came to change the drip pad underneath and my family was able to see part of my nose because I had a splint on the other half and they couldn't believe how amazing it looked for just four hours fresh out of surgery. When I went home that night and changed the drip pad, I was able to look in the mirror and not only did Dr. Lohner fulfill my expectations, but he exceeded them and made it look so subtle, but extremely beautiful. He knew exactly what I wanted and needed and made it happen. Many plastic surgeons have a tendency to make you look like a "barbie doll", but not Dr. Lohner...he makes you look like your best self with the most natural results. He is truly the Pablo Picasso of plastic surgery.
Miruna Stadler
Miruna S.
21:45 16 Feb 19
Dr Lohner and his staff were top notch from the very first consultation, to the day of surgery (and post op)! I did my research and met with several surgeons. Dr Lohner and his staff made me feel extremely comfortable. I would recommend his services over and over again. I am extremely happy with the results! Do yourself a favor and call Dr Lohner!
Joann Rufo
Joann R.
14:03 22 Jan 19
I had a great experience with my facial surgery & lI ove my results! Dr. Lohner and staff were very helpful & spent a lot of time with me during my consult. I was very comfortable after surgery & knew exactly what to expect. I highly recommend this office, Dr. Lohner is very skilled & the staff is very professional!
14:25 21 Jan 19
Dr Lohner and staff are amazing! I had a mommy make over and im extremely happy with the results. Dr Lohner did an amazing job. Everyone was super nice took the time to explain and answer all my questions and concerns. I will definitely go back. Thank you Dr Lohner!!
Eileen Gentile
Eileen G.
20:25 10 Jan 19
Dr. Lohner, his office staff and Bryn Mawr Hospital provided a relaxing experience and a feeling of confidence for me before, during and after my surgery. I achieved the result I was looking for and Dr. Lohner made that possible.
Alexandra McClellan
Alexandra M.
16:30 03 Jan 19
Nina Price
Nina P.
22:56 14 Dec 18
I couldn't be happier with my breast reduction! Not only do I FEEL better but they LOOK amazing too! The scars are so minimal and healing beautifully! You can trust Dr. Lohner to do an amazing job!
Justin Taylor
Justin T.
18:28 30 Jul 18
Great guy
Lori Plotkin
Lori P.
14:31 23 Apr 18
I had the “Mommy Makeover”. I’m 55. I found Dr. Lohner from a trusted friend. I must say that I am so much more than pleased. I am 4 weeks Post-Op. I look at myself in the mirror and tears come to my eyes! Dr. Lohner is an Artist! The staff so helpful. My recovery is going well. I did purchase all the Vitamins the office offers - maybe that is why I am healing fast?
Kathy Dolphin
Kathy D.
12:54 23 Feb 18
Dr. Lohner is an artist! He performed a breast lift for me necessary after a significant weight loss. His work was exceptional, and my result is extremely natural. He listens to his patients, understands their goals and creates a plan to meet them. As a nurse, I know how important it is to have confidence in your surgeon. Don’t use anyone else!
Jenn Manno
Jenn M.
01:02 27 Aug 17
From the consultation to my first post op appointment everyone at Dr. Lohner's office was so kind and helpful. I must have called every day with questions during the first week of my recovery and everyone was so professional and treated every question, even the dumb ones!, with kindness and respect. Dr. L is amazing! He did better then excellent work! I'm so excited for the swelling to go down so I can enjoy my new acceptionally even chest! I'd also like to give a shout out to Bryn Mawr hospital, I've never had such a great hospital experience.
Briana Stinson
Briana S.
00:19 24 Aug 17
Dr. Lohner recently did my breast reduction and he did an amazing job! I couldn't be more happy. Definitely was a life changing experience.
MadDogFeeney Feeney
MadDogFeeney F.
14:43 04 Aug 17
Dr. Lohner and his team are amazing. I was hesitant for years to see a plastic surgeon and meeting him made my decision to have surgery easy. He is caring, professional and the absolute best surgeon on the Main Line. I felt confident and safe in the hands of the "Chief of Plastic Surgery " of Bryn Mawr Hospital. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is considering plastic surgery. He has created a whole different outlook for me. I will always be grateful!
Aimee Moran
Aimee M.
16:27 11 Jul 17
Dr. Lohner and his office came highly recommended to me. The entire staff is friendly and super helpful. Dr. Lohner and Anya are amazing! They make sure to explain everything in thorough detail so you fully understand everything which really helped to put my mind at ease. Knowing that Dr. Lohner is the Chief of Plastics at BMH and perform's all his surgeries at BMH also made me much more comfortable with my decision. I am so happy with my results, and I am so thankful everyday I finally made the decision to do it. Thank you Dr. Lohner and the entire office and hospital staff!! Such a great experience 🙂
Rachel Labricciosa
Rachel L.
15:47 13 Jun 17
Lisa Phillips
Lisa P.
13:11 10 Jun 17
I was referred to Dr. Lohner for a breast reduction surgery from a few friends. I am so happy I went with him. Everyone in their office is so welcoming and made me so comfortable! Dr. Lohner beside manner was awesome. I felt really comfortable with him. So easy to talk to. Answered all my questions and really made me feel like we were on the same page. I'm a little over a week from my surgery and I couldn't be happier! He truly changed my life!
k bates
k B.
03:07 17 May 17
Tracey Tarquinio
Tracey T.
00:21 12 May 17
Love this office n wish I would have found Dr. Lonher sooner. Office staff very nice n helpful n professional.Dr. Longer didn't try to over sell me n was honest with me about questions I had. If you are looking for a doctor who does what you want n is professional this is your gut. He had every product n was able to answer all my questions. This office has many other ways to help you keep your skin healthy. I hope to enjoy some of them. My next appointment is going to be a facial.I also liked there skin products more then anything I have available on the market n I have tried everything. So thankful I found such a great doctor n staff.
Gabriella Munneke
Gabriella M.
03:29 10 May 17
Great results and great staff!!
Jennifer Ilgen
Jennifer I.
23:00 29 Apr 17
Dr. Lohner and his staff are wonderful! I couldn't be happier with my procedure. Highly recommend!
Kacie Farrell
Kacie F.
15:25 28 Apr 17
Dr. Lohner is the best, he made me feel comfortable from the beginning. Pleasant helpful staff, they were always efficient. Office staff and Bryn Mawr staff were very conscientious before during and after the procedure. I was impressed with their concern of me and my well being.
Christine Neeson
Christine N.
14:35 28 Apr 17
Simply put, Dr. Lohner is top notch!! He is a perfectionist and professional in every way. I couldn't be happier with the outcome of my surgery. His staff is great too!!
Karen Weiss
Karen W.
03:37 22 Apr 17
Everyone at Dr. Lohner's office is so kind and understanding. Makes you feel completely comfortable. Dr. Lohner himself is brillliant and treats you with complete respect no matter what procedure you may need. I have know him for over 10 years and would never go to anyone else!!!
Nasrin larijani
Nasrin L.
23:45 18 Apr 17
Very positive experience friendly and helpful office staff. Managed to get same day appointment, had to wait to see doctor for 45 minutes. Liked the doctor and will definitely go back.
Nigel Harris
Nigel H.
22:04 18 Apr 17
I cannot recommend Dr Lohner and his team enough. I suffered significant post operative facial trauma and Dr Lohner has achieved amazing reconstructive results restoring my confidence. Dr Lohners work has made a profoundly positive impact on my life. Not only is Dr Lohner a talented surgeon, he also possesses first rate interpersonal skills, communicating all aspects of suggested surgical procedures clearly and with a clear sense of compassion and sensitivity towards those in his care. Dr Lohner instills a high degree of confidence in his patients in what can be traumatic times for many. If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of requiring reconstructive surgery then I would very much recommend meeting Dr Lohner and his team.
Lori Brennan
Lori B.
21:31 18 Apr 17
Awesome experience for a consult. Very friendly staff and felt very comfortable.
Buzz Quillen
Buzz Q.
19:59 18 Apr 17
Claire Murphy
Claire M.
19:30 18 Apr 17
Anna DiCarlo
Anna D.
19:17 18 Apr 17
I had an abdominoplasty done by Dr. Lohner June 2016 and I couldn't be more happy with the results. I told him what I wanted and what I felt uncomfortable about and he fixed it to perfection!! Everyone of his staff members are extremely friendly make you feel welcomed and right at home!!! I would recommend Dr. Lohner and his staff to everyone!!! He is an extremely intelligent doctor and he is amazing at what he does!!! I highly recommend him!
Betsy Howanski
Betsy H.
19:15 18 Apr 17
First visit with Dr. Lohner seeking surgery options for prophylactic removal of my left breast. He explained my options and provided photos. I listened to his recommendations and was very impressed with his thoroughness and kindness. I feel very confident that he can make me look and feel whole after my surgery. The office staff was warm and very supportive. Simply put a very caring environment.
Gina Marie
Gina M.
03:21 18 Apr 17
P Huczko
P H.
17:43 17 Apr 17
Very professional office. You can see that Dr Lohner's staff truly cares for the well-being of their clients. I would highly recommend Lohner Plastic Surgery and his Aesthetian's to anyone who wants to look their best.
Leisanne Ontario
Leisanne O.
10:55 12 Apr 17
The best place to go for all your needs & desires. And Dr. Lohner and his staff are the Tops !!! Gets my overall #1 vote as the best place in philly !!! Best decision I've ever made!!
Katie George
Katie G.
21:04 14 Nov 16
I have to say I was very nervous going into my surgery, even though a number of people referred me to Dr. Lohner. He made me feel incredibly comfortable and 3 weeks out, I am so happy with his work. His staff goes above and beyond and is so nice and knowledgeable. They never make it seem like your questions are bothering them or stupid. It was a pleasure working with all of them.
Jeannette Battistini
Jeannette B.
06:37 31 Aug 16
Five years after my breast reduction and I could not be happier.
Taran Attilio
Taran A.
19:39 07 Apr 16
Love Dr. Lohner and the staff. Never had to wait long for anything ever. They are great.
Isaiah Gaming
Isaiah G.
01:58 01 Dec 15
Lily Davis
Lily D.
22:27 15 Dec 14
I had heard from some of my friends that Dr. Lohner had an amazing bedside manner and did beautiful work, so I suggested him to my mom. She had an Asian Blepharoplasty about three months ago with him and, oh my gosh, she gets so many compliments from family and friends. She is a new person with confidence and she looks 20 years younger. She’s 85, so you can imagine she looks amazing. She didn’t have any pain after the surgery which is surprising. She was just uncomfortable the first couple of days. Dr. Lohner is very understanding and does his best to instill confidence in his patients. I think he’s amazing. He explained everything to my mom step-by-step, and she has a language barrier. He was encouraging through the entire thing. He has an amazing artistic hand and he is a great surgeon and I will recommend him to anyone, at any age.
Kristen Steele
Kristen S.
15:13 01 Oct 14
I’m 53, I work out all the time and I just had these 5 pounds of fat on my lower abdomen from having kids. No matter what I did it was always there. I came into like a little bit of money after a divorce seven years ago and started saving it for a tummy tuck. I asked around for who the best plastic surgeon in the area was and everyone mentioned Dr. Lohner. I had my tummy tuck with him and he really knows what he’s doing. He’s a topnotch surgeon and I felt special from the minute I walked into his office. His staff is wonderful also. I never felt like I was inconveniencing them when I called to ask the questions. They always made me feel like I was important and that I mattered. I felt incredibly safe with Dr. Lohner. Before the surgery, I could only go so far with results, but now that I did it I look and feel great. It took me about seven weeks to feel like I could do anything. I’m on my ninth week and I look and feel great. Dr. Lohner and his staff are amazing. They gave me exactly what I wanted. If you ever need a tummy tuck or anything Dr. Lohner is definitely the guy to see.