"Everything you could ever want...go to Dr. Lohner. You'll get the best results."

I highly recommend Lohner Plastic Surgery!! Dr. Lohner is such a gift surgeon and a surgical god. He’s just amazing and one of a kind. He has amazing bedside manner, very nice, smart, caring, and will do everything 110%. He did my breast reduction and lift on 12/12/18 and I cried because of how amazing it look. I’ve never felt more confident. On 04/15/19 he did my rhinoplasty with spreader grafts and the minute my family was able to see me after surgery, they noticed the most amazing results and were blown away. Once I got home from the hospital that night (not even 24 hours after surgery), I couldn’t stop looking in the mirror because I loved my nose so much and the results. On 07/08/19, Dr. Lohner did my tummy tuck with liposuction and I’m blown away with how amazing the results are. Right after surgery, you could tell how amazing the results were. Now…I’m completely falling in love with my body again and I never thought that was possible. I feel more confident around my boyfriend, in my clothes and just feel on top of the world because of the results. I’m over the moon. Dr. Lohner’s staff also goes above and beyond. Lori, who schedules his surgery goes above and beyond with all the patients, walks them through every step of their procedure, always there to answer questions and you’re never alone before, during or after your surgery. Anya, his nurse, also goes above and beyond and no question is too much for her and she is always there. When you’re feeling anxious or worried about pre-op or post-op, she is there to answer all questions and put your mind at ease; and also do whatever is necessary to ensure proper recovery and whatever is needed. Maggie, who is the front desk coordinator is so pleasant and will do whatever to make sure all insurance matters are handled in a timely manner and make sure all appointments are booked and whatever else you need she is there for you. Jess is also amazing and truly one of a kind. So sweet and just amazing. His office staff is truly one of a kind and so is Dr. Lohner. He is the Pablo Picasso of plastic surgery. Also, his office is so warm, calming and comfortable. Everything you could ever want…go to Dr. Lohner. You’ll get the best results.