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A Facelift Is a Bride’s Best Friend

Today’s brides are under a lot of pressure to look their very best for that important walk down the aisle. Amid a frantic series of dress fittings, spa appointments, and dates with the treadmill, many brides are squeezing something else into their busy pre-wedding itineraries: facelift surgery. Adding this surgical component requires planning and foresight, plus enough time to recover before the big day. Yet, the benefits they can offer are drawing more and more brides to book their facelift consultations well in advance of their wedding bells. For some, facelift surgery is the most important item on their wedding preparation checklist.

Why Brides Opt for Facelift Surgery

To some, surgery might seem like an extreme way to get ready for a wedding. For the bride who is unhappy with the early signs of aging that are dragging her down, however, surgery provides the perfect solution to her problems. After all, think how many pictures are taken of the bride—alone, with her new husband, with her family, with her friends and bridesmaids, on the dance floor, walking the aisle, cutting the cake… The list goes on and on. A wedding day is truly a flurry of poses and pictures that she will look at for the rest of her life. No bride wants to look back at those pictures and cringe because of her lower face wrinkles or sagging skin.

Another factor has been driving more brides to the plastic surgeon than ever before: they are older today than the brides in previous decades. Many women are putting off marriage until their 30s and 40s, the prime time window for a first facelift. While there are still some young 20-something brides marching toward the altar, the trend today is to delay marriage until later years. Some women might be disappointed to realize that the aging process has found them before they can find the right wedding gown! When this happens, facelift surgery is the perfect way to take control and turn back the clock about 10 years or so.

How Facelifts Can Help

Facelift surgery is performed in order to restore a patient’s youthful appearance by making strategic changes to the lower face. A facelift may include the removal or reduction of scars, wrinkles, lose skin, and excess fat. While it can be performed in tandem with many other facial surgeries, a facelift is a popular procedure to have on its own too. For many patients, facelift surgery results can reduce their perceived age by up to a decade.

A traditional facelift procedure begins with an incision along the hairline, ending near the temple, then extending in front of and beneath the ear to the lower hairline. Through this carefully placed incision, your plastic surgeon can make changes to the lower region of the face, including the jaw line, chin, and area around the mouth. He will first separate the skin from the underlying layers of muscle and fat, removing any excess fat as needed. Inelastic skin and tissue excesses will also be removed and then sutures will be used to tighten the deeper layers of muscle and tissue. The remaining skin is then repositioned and the incisions will be sutured closed.

Other Procedures Popular with Brides

Of course, facelift surgery isn’t the only way to rejuvenate your look before your wedding day. Many brides seek out other ways, either with or without a facelift, to achieve their ideal look. Some of the most popular choices among brides (and even grooms!) include:

  • Injectable treatments and dermal fillers. These nonsurgical treatments are a great way to add volume to the face, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and correct other skin concerns. They offer no downtime to heal, quick results, but only temporary effects.
  • Liposuction. This popular body contouring surgery is often sought by brides to smooth their abdomen, arms, legs, face, buttocks, back, hips, and more. It is a surgical procedure that involves a recovery period, so you should plan ahead for liposuction treatments.
  • Lifts to combat weight loss. Other body contouring procedures are popular among brides who have lost a lot of weight. Abdominoplasty, arm lifts, and other procedures can help to manage excess flabby skin leftover after the weight is gone.
  • Breast surgeries. A wedding is the perfect time to augment, lift, or reduce your breasts to fit into your dream wedding gown. There are many options to achieve your ideal look so discuss them with a plastic surgeon and start planning your breast procedure today.

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