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Address Your Aging Concerns With Facelift Surgery

Everyone’s face ages and, although there’s nothing you can do to stop it, facelift surgery can certainly help to undo some of the damage. Prospective facelift patients almost always have a clear picture of the results they want to see or at least the problem areas they’d like to address through surgery. When you meet with Dr. Lohner, he can explain how your customized facelift surgery can erase up to 10 years from your appearance. Facelift surgeries create a more youthful appearance by tackling many common aging concerns all at once.

Facelifts Address Loose, Sagging Skin

Following facelift surgery, many patients are pleased to discover how much smoother and tighter their skin appears. Loosening skin is one of the first signs of aging, growing more and more lax as the skin’s production of elastin and collagen slows. The skin becomes subject to gravity, sagging downward and showing every crease and wrinkle. This excess skin collects around the lower face, causing double chins, jowls, and turkey neck. Not only do these effects age your appearance, but they’re considered unattractive.

During facelift surgery, Dr. Lohner removes excess sagging skin and leaves a smoother surface behind. He will also lift and tighten the underlying tissues to support the skin and create a natural-looking result.

Facelifts Address Fatty Deposits

While gravity has been working to pull and stretch the skin, it has also shifted the fatty deposits of the face downward. Fat cells begin to collect around the chin, jaw, and neck. While weight gain can leave behind even more fat cells to collect around the lower face, men and women of any weight will see these effects. When fatty deposits combine with looser skin, the result is more noticeable aging symptoms, including jowls and a double chin.

Dr. Lohner can address your issues with fatty deposits around the lower face, often using liposuction techniques if necessary. These fat cells will be removed in order to improve the contour of the chin and jaw.

Facelifts Address Wrinkles and Facial Creases

Wrinkles are often the first subtle sign of aging experienced by many men and women. Over time, fine lines can become deep wrinkles and creases in the skin of the face. Excess skin and fat cells can make your wrinkles appear deeper and more dramatic, increasing your perceived age. Facelift surgery is an ideal treatment for smoothing and eliminating troublesome wrinkles and creasing. By tightening the skin and removing excess skin and fat cells, Dr. Lohner can create a firmer, trimmer contour to the lower face.

Planning Your Facelift Surgery

A facelift surgery can be customized to address whatever specific aging concerns you might have. Every face is different and Dr. Lohner understands how important your own desired results are to you. Dr. Lohner will work with you to address your own aging concerns through customized facelift surgery and achieve the youthful appearance you really want.

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