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Don’t Believe These Myths About Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift surgery offers many benefits to the right patients. It can reverse the effects of time and aging, help a woman to look younger and more feminine, and give her a boost of self-confidence all at once. Because it is a surgery, a breast lift procedure does involve some risks for patients and should be taken seriously. Unfortunately, these risks can sometimes be exaggerated and misinformation spreads quickly, leading many good candidates for the breast lift procedure far away from any plastic surgery clinic. If you’ve considered breast lift surgery, it’s time to weed through these myths and learn the truth about this procedure and the dramatic effects it can offer.

Myth #1 – You Won’t Need a Breast Lift If You Exercise

While exercise is an important part of a woman’s healthy lifestyle, it does have its limitations. Toning the muscles beneath the breast tissue can certainly help correct a certain degree of sagging, but over time, the loss of elasticity in the skin will become too much to reverse on your own. Breast sagging is caused by a number of factors, many of which can only be treated through a surgical breast lift procedure. Following your surgery, however, you should work with your doctor and general practitioner to create a safe and effective exercise routine to maintain your new form and figure.

Myth #2 – Breast Lift Surgery Leaves Behind Big Scars

No one wants an unexpected, large scar to form as the results of a surgery designed to improve your appearance. It would be very unfortunate if a patient became more self-conscious about her body because of this scarring when she should be celebrating her great breast lift results. Luckily, breast lift surgery can be performed with minimal incisions that are created in well-hidden creases of the breast. You’ll know they’re there, of course, but you’ll be back in your bikini without anyone being the wiser. At your consultation, your plastic surgeon will be able to show you exactly where your incisions will be placed so you won’t have to worry about this small detail.

Myth #3 – You Need to Have Breasts of a Certain Size for Breast Lift Surgery

Provided you are in good overall health, don’t smoke, have a reasonable expectation for your results, and have become dissatisfied by the sagging of your breasts, you can be considered a good candidate for breast lift surgery. There is no magical size range where a breast lift is possible and every procedure is handled on an individual basis so you get the care you need. Women with very large breasts may not see as dramatic a result as those with smaller breast sizes, just due to the increased weight and pressure. Your plastic surgeon is the best source of information on your personal eligibility for breast lift surgery.

Understanding the Limits of Breast Lift Surgery

Sometimes, the abilities of a procedure are overestimated, misleading prospective patients to seek surgery for the wrong reasons. While breast lift surgery can do very many things, you should not expect to see these changes:

  • Stretch mark removal. Many sagging breasts are accompanied by stretch marks, which form as a result of sudden increases in mass. Breast lift surgery cannot remove stretch marks or lessen their appearance. While some may be removed along with excess skin that is trimmed away, you should plan for additional skin treatments to resolve the presence of additional stretch marks.
  • Reducing breast size. If your breasts are too large and have become uncomfortable, sagging will occur at a very fast rate. While a breast lift might sound like the answer to your problems, this surgery is not designed to drastically reduce the size of your breasts. A breast reduction surgery is a more appropriate choice and can be designed to provide a little lift to your newly resized breasts as well.
  • Increase breast mass. If your breasts have lost some of their volume due to the aging process or if you’ve never been satisfied with the size of your breasts, you may need more than a breast lift surgery. Many patients opt to lift their existing breast tissue to reverse sagging and add-on breast implants to increase their size. Talk to your surgeon about the possibility of combining these two procedures into one surgery.
  • Staying power. Breast lift surgery is a great way to set back the clock and give your breasts a more youthful appearance. It is not, however, a permanent solution to breast sagging that could occur in the future. The same factors can contribute to loosening of the skin and downward shifting of the breast tissue over time. Talk with your plastic surgeon about strategies to keep your body healthy and boost your skin’s elasticity naturally.

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