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Head to Toe Liposuction: Where Would You Slim Down?

Since it was first introduced to patients decades ago, the liposuction procedure has offered real body contouring results to men and women. Liposuction can trim away pockets of fat from nearly anywhere on the body, including the neck, buttocks, thighs, and arms. When some patients consider this procedure for themselves, they are eager to tackle every bit of unwanted fat on their bodies from head to toe. Every prospective liposuction patient must be thoughtful about the surgical changes that are made to his or her body. If you’re looking for a comprehensive liposuction approach that includes multiple areas of the body, plan your surgery carefully with your plastic surgeon.

Is a Full Body Liposuction Possible?

Some liposuction patients are really hoping for a total body transformation, applying the fat-eliminating techniques to their necks, arms, midsections, legs, and maybe even their toes. Of course, this full body liposuction is rarely, if ever, performed and might even be risky for some patients. That’s a lot of areas to heal during your recovery, after all. Most patients choose one or two areas to concentrate on, usually trouble spots that appear lumpy or bumpy after their weight loss efforts. Of course, every liposuction is different and the needs of one patient will vary greatly from those of another. With this procedure, any patient can design the body contouring approach that best suits their needs.

If you are looking for a full-body approach to liposuction, your treatment plan may include more than one scheduled surgery date and possibly other body contouring procedures. While a typical liposuction procedure requires just one recovery period, any treatments that are so extensive may need much more time to complete and, therefore, much more time for healing. Work with your plastic surgeon to create the right plan for you.

What Does the Liposuction Procedure Involve?

During a traditional liposuction surgery, your plastic surgeon will target fat pockets in specific treatment areas that have not been eliminated by proper diet and exercise. Small incisions will be placed along the treatment area and a hollow tube, called a cannula, will be inserted. Your surgeon will manipulate the cannula back and forth, dislodging the unwanted fat cells and then suctioning them out of the body. Your liposuction procedure can be performed alone or alongside other body contouring surgeries.

The VASERLipo procedure uses a similar approach to permanent fat removal with a slightly different method. This minimally invasive alternative technique uses ultrasonic waves to break apart fat cells before suctioning them out. Given its gentler nature, VASERLipo often involves a shorter recovery period, less bruising and redness to the treatment area, and more refined results. The VASERLipo procedure can be used to treat fat pockets located on the knees, legs, arms, breasts, back, abdomen, buttocks, chin, and face too.

Am I a Good Candidate for Liposuction?

To be considered a good candidate for the liposuction procedure, you should be in good physical health and be a nonsmoker. You should already be close to your ideal weight, typically within 30 percent of your goal. You should also demonstrate healthy habits that will help you to maintain your current weight or promote the loss of any remaining unwanted pounds. It is important that your weight remain steady throughout the liposuction process, as results can be unpredictable in patients who gain or lose dramatically.

Beyond physical requirements, liposuction patients should also have a realistic idea of what results they can expect from the procedure. By understanding the liposuction procedure and what results can realistically be achieved, you are much more likely to be satisfied with your final appearance. If you are an eligible candidate for liposuction, work closely with your plastic surgeon to decide what changes would deliver your optimum results. Don’t be afraid to discuss your medical history, current health concerns, current medications, past surgeries, and other pertinent information for your surgeon, as these details can help him or her tailor the procedure to your needs.

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