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How to Prepare for Your Breast Augmentation Surgery

So you’ve decided to get breast augmentation surgery and your procedure date is getting closer. You’ve no doubt consulted with your plastic surgeon and made the arrangements for your recovery time by now. Are you completely ready for your procedure? Even if you aren’t, don’t panic. Use this valuable time before you make this big and exciting change to your body to get prepared and make all of the arrangements you need for a smooth transition through recovery.

What Your Doctor Should Know Beforehand

During your consultation for your breast augmentation surgery, your doctor may have already given you a questionnaire to complete, asking you to detail certain information about yourself like health problems and medications. Sometimes, however, enough time may pass between that meeting and your scheduled surgery for health changes to occur. A week before your scheduled procedure, make sure that your doctor has all of the most updated information on any medications, vitamins, or supplements you take. He should also know if you have recently been sick or had any infections or any other health concerns that may have developed.

Most likely, your physician or his assistant will be checking in with you, but it’s good to be proactive about your health and any serious surgical procedures. Take this extra measure to ensure that your doctor can make decisions based on all the information, not just the facts you choose to share. It’s safer and healthier for you this way, and also ensures that your procedure will run as smoothly as possible.

Keep Yourself 100% Healthy Before Your Procedure

In the same way that you don’t want to get a flu shot when you have a cold, you certainly don’t want to undergo optional surgery when you are ill. Your plastic surgeon will not be able to perform the procedure if you are ill, since the risk of infection and other complications can increase if your immune system is already weakened. That’s why it’s vital to stay healthy so you don’t have to cancel or reschedule at the last minute.

To keep yourself in top form, make sure you wash your hands frequently and avoid anyone showing signs of illness. Staying away from germs is always a good strategy. While you don’t have to be a hermit for the week before your surgery, it’s better to stay away from large crowds and places where germs are likely to accumulate. Malls, hospitals, schools, and the like should be avoided if possible to reduce the risk of exposure. Stay healthy and you’ll be happy that your breast augmentation surgery goes on as planned.

Get Prepared for Your Post-Op Recovery

Before you head off to your surgical appointment, there are a few things you should get in order to ensure that your recovery goes smoothly and that you are as comfortable as possible. Plan ahead for a ride to and from your appointment, as driving may be uncomfortable after your surgery. If you live alone, make arrangements with a friend or family member to help take care of you for the first 48 hours of your recovery time. It may be difficult for you to do many routine things those first two days, so it’s much safer to have another person available to do these tasks for you. If you can, also arrange for pet care so you won’t have to worry about anything but caring for yourself. Before your surgery, pack up everything your pet will need while away.

Spread the word in advance to those who might call you or drop by. Discourage visitors or check-in calls so you can rest up and not be forced to entertain. Make sure everyone is aware that you will be unavailable during the first key hours or days of your recovery. You will also want to fill all your prescriptions and stock the medicine cabinet with gel or ice packs, gauze for bandage changes, vitamins or medications, and other specific items requested by your surgeon. Make a checklist to be sure you get everything you will need.

Finally, the time spent recovering should be as easy-going as possible, even when it’s mealtime. Be sure to have lots of easy to cook and easy to eat foods on hand, such as soup, crackers, yogurt, and other snacks you enjoy. Prepare for comfort as well by having sweatpants or lounge pants, loose-fitting shirts and sweatshirts, pajamas, and one or two loose-fitting, wireless sports bras with front closures. Then, think about how you’ll entertain yourself and get what you need. Designate a recovery area for yourself and have pillows, blankets, and a table nearby. Stock the table with magazines, Sudoku puzzles, tissues, a few bottles of water, and any other items that will make you feel relaxed.

What to Do the Day Before

With only 24 hours until your surgery, there are a few last minute things to do around the house that can help make recovery as easy as possible. Do a general clean and pickup around the house, clearing clutter from your pathways for safety, and putting any necessary items within a convenient distance from your recovery area. Clean the dishes and the kitchen, finish the laundry and put away items you won’t need during recovery, and make the bed with clean sheets and extra pillows. You may want to sleep on the couch in your recovery area for the first night or two, so set up both the bed and the couch with comfortable blankets and pillows just in case. Put out all your garbage, because you won’t be lifting for a few days after your breast augmentation, and vacuum or sweep one final time.

Get a good night’s rest and take a nice, relaxing shower on the morning before your surgery. Don’t put on any makeup, hairspray, deodorant, lotion, or powder. Your doctor will give you specific instructions if anything else is needed. Dress comfortably with a button-down shirt that you can easily put on after your surgery and bring any other comforts you might want for the ride home, such as lip balm, a bottle of water or can of ginger ale, and any pain medication that you are allowed to take after the procedure. Leave all valuables at home.

Your Breast Augmentation Recovery Period

A breast augmentation procedure is a surgery, but the recovery is reasonable as long as you follow the instructions of your physician. After the procedure, you can expect that the breast tissue will be tender, sensitive, and swollen. The first two to three days or so, you will be restricted to resting and unable to do many daily activities. Following this period of rest, you will most likely be advised to limit certain activities for a week. Your physician will advise you on when you may resume your regular activities, but most patients are able to gradually increase their levels of activity until they are back to normal. Given the immense benefits you will experience from your breast augmentation surgery, this limited amount of recovery time will pass before you know it.

Not Scheduled for a Breast Augmentation Surgery?

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