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Liposuction and Loose Skin: What You Need to Know

Liposuction can make incredible changes to your body contour by eliminating unwanted bulges and pockets of fat. Traditional liposuction works by removing these stubborn fat cells from the body permanently, but it does little to tighten the skin of the treatment area. Does this mean loose, lax skin forever? While there is a potential for this to happen following traditional liposuction, you don’t have to worry. There are measures you can take to ensure that your body will be as sleek and toned as you wanted it to be, skin included.

What Liposuction Does

A traditional liposuction procedure should not be confused with a tuck or lift surgery, which would include the removal of excess skin and the tightening of muscles. In fact, liposuction techniques are often added to these procedures as part of the total transformation of the target area. On its own, liposuction works best on small fat deposits collected in unwanted places, like the back of the knees or hips. It is designed to address the leftover fatty cells that diet and exercise cannot seem to budge. On larger treatment areas or on patients with poor skin elasticity, the excess skin will not be addressed.

The Skin After Liposuction

The skin stretches to accommodate our bodies, fat deposits and all. When a traditional liposuction is performed and the fat cells are removed, the skin remains unchanged and won’t be shrunk down by the treatment. For this reason, all candidates for liposuction are usually evaluated for the elasticity of their skin, or its ability to “bounce back” after being stretched. Healthy, elastic skin is more likely to shrink up on its own gradually following your surgery.

Improve Your Skin’s Elasticity

Even small pockets of fat can leave the skin a little saggy, so you should think about ways to boost your skin’s ability to produce elastin and collagen before your surgery. These two elements are essential to creating plump and healthy skin. If you’re spending money to improve your body contour with fat removal, why not take every measure you can to make sure your skin looks great too? Add these strategies into your daily routine to optimize your skin’s elasticity:

  • Stay hydrated. Drinking enough water, usually six to eight glasses each day, can replenish your skin’s elastin. You’ll see the benefits allover your skin by way of improved tone, texture, and elasticity.
  • Get a little exercise. Regular amounts of light exercise have been shown to have a similar effect on skin, boosting its natural elastin- and collagen-making efforts. Getting enough exercise can improve skin tone and muscle tone all at once, with at least 30 minutes logged every day.
  • Eat healthfully. Balance your diet to get all the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals your body needs to stay healthy. Add supplements as needed under the guidance of a nutritionist or your general practitioner. When your skin gets everything it needs, every process works more efficiently, including elastin production.
  • Take good care of your skin. Cleanse and moisturize your skin daily, not just your face. Use exfoliators on a regular basis to turn over dead skin cells and allow healthy cell growth. Those healthy cells will be full of plumping collagen and lots of elasticity.

Skin Treatments That Boost Elasticity

Speaking of care for your skin, there are some skin rejuvenation treatments that might help you to tighten up that sagging skin after a liposuction procedure. Consult with your plastic surgeon about the therapies that are available (and safe) for you once you have healed from liposuction. Some skin resurfacing techniques may be able to give your skin the extra kick it needs to look fresher, tighter, and more youthful. See what solutions might be available to you and ask about any tricks that previous patients might have tried. You never know what kind of information can come from a liposuction consultation if you never ask!

Try VaserLipo Instead

If traditional liposuction isn’t a good fit for you, especially if a concern for loose and saggy skin has got you down, there is another option. Consider VASER Lipo, an ultrasonic liposuction treatment that can both remove fatty tissue and encourage the skin to retract and tighten. It is a new and effective alternative to the traditional treatment and can provide eligible candidates with some amazing benefits.

With VASER Lipo, you’ll not only benefit from stimulation of the skin cells to retract, you’ll also enjoy excellent results from just a single procedure. Many patients find that VASER Lipo provides them with even better results than traditional liposuction, which is enhanced by the tightening of the skin after the procedure. Patients also enjoy a quick recovery time, the ability to remove a larger amount of stored fat, and treatment of hard-to-reach areas like the arms and back. To decide which liposuction treatment works best for your body and your needs, start by scheduling your consultation today.

Planning Your Own Liposuction Treatment Strategy

Take the first step toward your happier, healthier body by planning your liposuction from beginning to skin-tightened end. Consult with Dr. Ronald Lohner, an experienced and board certified plastic surgeon based in Philadelphia. He completed his undergraduate education at Dartmouth College and medical school at UMDNJ-Rutgers. Currently, Dr. Lohner is Chief of Plastic Surgery at Bryn Mawr Hospital and holds a faculty appointment at the University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine. His peers have selected him as a Philadelphia-area Top Doctor for the last eight years. His office is located at [primary_address] in [primary_city], [primary_statefull], on the Main Line. Please call his office at [primary_phone] to schedule a consultation for your liposuction procedure.