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Liposuction and the Male Breast Reduction

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Gynecomastia seems to be the latest hot-button topic in the medical world thanks to recent discoveries that certain popular medications are responsible for creating female breasts in young men and boys. Many such patients have been seeking male breast reductions to reverse these effects and restore a more masculine shape to their chests. Sometimes, however, a typical breast reduction procedure isn’t enough to alleviate the problem. Liposuction is often added to fully achieve the patient’s desired results.

Gynecomastia and Pseudo-Gynecomastia

Most male breast reductions today are performed in response to the growing numbers of gynecomastia patients looking for a solution. The name for this condition literally means “womanly breasts” and it occurs in many adult males and teenage boys alike. Gynecomastia is marked by the growth of female breast tissue in the male chest. It can be caused by a diagnosed hormonal imbalance, the use of steroids, certain medicinal treatments, alcoholism, certain diseases, and other unknown factors as well. Most men experience a growth of the excess glandular tissue that forms breasts as well as fatty deposits. Patients are often uncomfortable, embarrassed, and self-conscious about their condition.

In other cases, a condition called pseudo-gynecomastia can be the culprit. Teenagers or adults who have recently gained a lot of weight could be experiencing a mirror condition where the “breasts” are really just collections of fatty tissue. The male breasts are enlarged and uncomfortable, just not because of excessive glandular tissue. While this condition varies in its source and cause, it can be treated in much the same way as a true case of gynecomastia. In both types, liposuction may be added to achieve the desired results during surgery.

The Male Breast Reduction With Liposuction

During a male breast reduction surgery, the surgeon will remove the excess fatty tissue, glandular tissue, and skin from the pectoral area, as needed. Because the composition of male breasts can vary, the approach used will be customized to your unique needs. Liposuction is very commonly added on to breast reduction procedures for men and women alike, as it is the best and most effective way to quickly remove fat.

By combining the two procedures together, your plastic surgeon can create the surgery that best suits your personal concerns. The male breast reduction procedure may only include a liposuction if there is not an excess of other tissue or cells to be removed. In some cases, the excision of glandular tissue matches the amount of fat cells removed by liposuction. In still other cases, only glandular tissue may be removed, if the patient has only a normal amount of fat cells present in the pectoral area. The approach will depend greatly on the composition of tissue that makes up the enlarged male breasts.

What to Expect Following Surgery

After your surgery is completed, your recovery process will begin. Regardless of what techniques were used to reduce the size of your male breasts, your recovery should look much the same. Discomfort and swelling are common to both procedures, so you should expect the area around the pectorals to be a bit tender and sore. Following surgery, your plastic surgeon will give you careful instructions on how to care for your incisions and yourself during the recovery period.  While you will gradually be allowed to add more of your daily activities back into your routine in the weeks following your procedure, you will likely be restricted from strenuous activities and vigorous exercise for up to one month. This may be frustrating for some, but it will ensure that you are properly healed and stave off potential complications like excessive bleeding, infections, and increased pain.

The results of your male breast reduction may seem apparent immediately following surgery, although obscured by bandages and swelling. As you heal, the improved contour to your chest will slowly emerge to reveal a more masculine look. When you have finished your recovery, your results will be permanent as long as you lead a normal, healthy lifestyle complete with proper eating habits and a regular exercise routine. You can enjoy that new boost to your self-confidence for years to come.

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