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New Year, New You: VASER Liposuction Can Define Your 2020

Now that the holidays are behind us and the New Year is here, it’s time to begin working towards the 2020 goals that you have set for yourself.

If embarking on a health and fitness journey is one of your goals for 2020, but past diet and exercise routines haven’t shown you the results you were looking for, try boosting your New Year’s resolution with VASER liposuction.

VASER liposuction is used to define muscles for a leaner, more athletic appearance. It is effective at fat removal and sculpting, but shouldn’t be used for weight loss. VASER liposuction is ideal for patients that are already in the habit of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and want to address stubborn fat that won’t budge with diet and exercise. When liposuction is used for quick weight loss, it is more likely that the person will regain weight and negate the surgical results.

VASER liposuction uses ultrasound energy that is directed into the fat cells, gently breaking them up, and the unwanted fat is then suctioned out with a cannula. Since the fat has already been liquefied, there is far less damage to the surrounding tissues, such as blood vessels, nerves, the lymphatic system, and the overlying skin.

This method helps to not only reduce the side effects commonly seen with traditional liposuction but also improves recovery time and allows patients to get back to their normal activities even faster.

Almost all VASER patients will see a noticeable improvement immediately post-procedure. Since VASER liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure, recovery is generally easier than traditional liposuction. You may experience minimal bruising and swelling, which will take a few months to subside completely. The VASER procedure also stimulates collagen production so patients can expect to see further improvements to the quality of their skin over a few months. From about the third-month post-procedure, you should be able to see the final results.

Both men and women can benefit from VASER liposuction’s long-lasting results that will have you smiling in 2020. Recapture your confidence and make your New Year’s resolution a reality with VASER liposuction from Dr. Lohner at [primary_practice]. Call [primary_phone] to schedule your VASER liposuction consultation and find out how body contouring from Dr. Lohner can help you reach your aesthetic goals.