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Non-surgical INTRAcel Tightens and Firms For Beautiful Skin

We are excited to announce that we are now offering INTRAcel RF Microneedling at [primary_practice]! INTRAcel is an FDA-approved fractional microneedling treatment that can be used to rejuvenate your skin in almost all areas of your body with the ability to improve the appearance of everything from fine lines and wrinkles, scars, acne, and open pores, to sagging skin and stretch marks.

What Does It Treat?

One of the most significant advantages of INTRAcel treatment is that it is incredibly versatile. It is precise enough to use on the delicate areas of the face and neck, including the eye area, treating fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth and forehead, loose jowls and sagging neck skin. It is also robust enough to address flabby stomach skin, sagging skin on the arms, buttocks, knees, and legs, and unwanted bulges after weight loss or pregnancy.

How It Works

INTRAcel uses fractional micro-needles and non-invasive electrodes to deliver radiofrequency heat energy into the middle layer of your skin known as the dermis. The heat energy causes controlled damage in the application area which triggers a repair response from the body; stimulating collagen and elastin production rebuilds and renews the area, resulting in thicker, firmer, tighter and rejuvenated skin.

What Is the Treatment Process?

INTRAcel is a noninvasive, in-office procedure that takes around 30 – 60 minutes. Before beginning the process, your aesthetician applies a topical anesthetic for added comfort during treatment. Then the hand-piece is placed over your skin. The microneedles that project from the hand-piece and penetrate the top layer of your skin and the microneedles transmit radio frequency through the insulated needles. The needles are withdrawn from your skin after the emission, and the handpiece is moved along to repeat the process. You will feel a prickling sensation as well as a feeling of heat during treatment. You will feel like you have a mild sunburn for a few hours and the skin will stay red for up to a day.

The Recovery Process

Each patient will recover differently, but it is common to experience swelling, particularly if you are treated in and around the eye area; this may take up to 3 days to disappear. Small bruises are also possible. Tiny scabs will form at the entry points of the microneedles, making your skin dry and flaky for a few days as the area heals. Improvement in skin tone and texture will be noticeable after about two weeks. It is important to protect your skin after treatment. Wearing SPF 30+ sunscreen and using topical aftercare products will assist healing, protect your skin, and avoid complications. Your aesthetician will suggest the best personalized after-treatment care for you.

If you are ready to address to reveal your best skin, there is no better time to get started! Call us at [primary_phone] to schedule a consultation and find out what INTRAcel can do for you!