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Properly Timing A Mommy Makeover Gets The Best Results

If you are dissatisfied with the changes in your post-baby body and are considering cosmetic surgery, a mommy makeover is a great option because it is a group of complementary procedures that focus on the areas most affected by pregnancy and nursing, and it is customizable to meet your individual needs and body goals. However, rushing in for surgery too soon after having a baby can have negative effects. Dr. Lohner always discusses properly timing a mommy makeover with prospective mommy makeover patients to ensure that they come out of their procedure highly satisfied and loving their results.

Healing Takes Time

Giving your body sufficient time to recover after having a baby takes patience. Your body has been changing for about nine months, so, generally, it is unrealistic to expect to see your pre-baby figure within a matter of weeks. For women that breastfeed, this period of change is even longer. Dr. Lohner recommends caring for yourself diligently (healthy diet, moderate exercise, and as much sleep as possible with a newborn) for at least six months after having a baby before you begin to consider cosmetic surgery. This will give you time to lose the pregnancy weight and see how your body recovers on its own.

Stable Weight Will Provide Optimal Results

Whether you just need to lose baby weight or you started out with extra pounds you’d like to shed, it is important to lose as much weight as possible and get to a stable weight that you have been able to maintain for several months before moving forward with surgery. Although a mommy makeover usually includes liposuction, this should be seen as a sculpting procedure rather than weight loss solution. Maintaining a healthy, stable body weight ensures that you will enjoy long-term results from your procedure.

Emotional Changes

In addition to the visible physical changes you experience, your hormone levels change after having a baby, and it is normal to experience fluctuating emotions in the weeks and months after giving birth. These fluctuations can intensify likes and dislikes, including the way you see and feel about your body. Waiting out these changes before you pursue surgery will help ensure that you make a choice that you are going to be satisfied with for years to come.

When timing a mommy makeover, the “right” time will vary based on your individual circumstances. Dr. Lohner can help you determine if you are a good candidate in a one-on-one mommy makeover consultation where you can discuss your goals and work together to develop a treatment plan that is ideal for you.

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