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Breast Reduction:
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Surgeries performed by renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Ronald A. Lohner M.D., F.A.C.S, Bryn Mawr, PA

Case #1954
Breast Reduction Breast Reduction



48 Year Old With Symptomatic Breast Hypertrophy As Well As Post Op Changes Of The Abdominal Wall After Three Pregnancies. The Patient Also Had A Symptomatic Inguinal Hernia. She Underwent Bilateral Breast Reduction Utilizing A Vertical Technique, Followed By Immediate Full Abdominoplasty With Muscle Plication, Extensive Direct Defatting Of The Abdominal Wall, Resection Of Skin Excess And Liposuction Of The Epigastric Region. Of Note, She Underwent Simultaneous Repair Of Her Inguinal Hernia By The General Surgeon At The Time Of This Procedure Through The Same Incision.

Breast Reduction Breast Reduction
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Breast Reduction Breast Reduction
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