in Philadelphia, PA

Dr. Lohner sees patients from Bryn Mawr, Main Line, Rosemont, Philadelphia, and other cities throughout Pennsylvania for Botox® treatments.

The substance most people know by the trade name Botox® is actually a compound called botulinum toxin. Clinical uses for this FDA-approved injectable substance include relief of migraine-induced headache pain, reduction of excessive perspiration, and treatment of muscle spasms. Though it is technically a toxin, its medicinal uses require such extremely low dosages that side effects from its toxicity are rare or nonexistent.

Botox® cosmetic applications

In its cosmetic applications, Botox® has proven one of the most popular and effective treatments available for reducing facial wrinkles, including crow’s feet, frown, and worry lines. Botox® works by blocking nerve impulses in the facial muscles that contract and cause wrinkles, causing a patient’s skin to appear smoother and more youthful. The treatment is temporary and loses its effectiveness in four to eight months.

Botox® injection is just one of several non-surgical wrinkle reduction treatments offered by Dr. Lohner and his staff. He can advise you on the best treatment option for your particular case.